Rare Earth and Zirconium Compounds "Auer-Remy"

Formerly: Auer-Remy GmbH

The origin of our marketing activities in the field of rare earth and zirconium compounds is the acquisition in 2008 of the company Auer-Remy GmbH, which was founded in 1950 by Degussa AG, Th. Goldschmidt AG and Remy & Co. KG. Auer-Remy then was merged into Lehmann&Voss&Co. in 2019.

We are specialized in marketing of rare earths and their compounds, zirconium products (trademarks: AUERZIRC®, Zircosil®) and further speciality chemicals.

We pool a uniquely broad range of raw materials for many different applications and markets. The diversity of the possible applications for our products reflects the width of our supply program.

For every raw material requirement, we develop a high quality, reliable and long-term solution. With our supply partners, mostly manufacturers of specialty raw materials, we develop an effective, transparent and cost-effective access to the markets relevant for you.  

We know your challenges

Our product range includes many specialties which make it possible to tailor properties of the final product. In Auer-Remy we gather market expertise and customized product ranges for different applications.

The individual requirements of our customers are our main focus.

New brand message "We LuV it."

“We LuV it.” – That is our new brand message. On the occasion of our company’s 125th anniversary this year, LEHVOSS is putting more emphasis than ever on its passion and closeness to customers as core elements of the brand.

The new brand message, which both originates from and complements the corporate logo, distinguishes the LEHVOSS Group by placing more focus on emotional and interpersonal aspects.
Although communication in the chemical and technical industries is typically matter-of-fact, the Group has consciously embraced this new approach. Alongside quality and high technical competence, the communication shifts its focus to the closeness to customers, partners and employees, as well as partnership and passion practiced in the company. The new brand message “We LuV it.” is vividly illustrated in the image film above. 
From now on, the brand message will be applied consistently in all the company’s internal and external communication tools. This will help to further promote the culture of appreciation and respect that has been practised in the family business for years and to make it visible to the public.